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Hi there, I'm John.

Thanks for being an entrepreneur! I believe entrepreneurs have special talents that can impact the world for the better in countless ways.  My mission is to help you share your product with people everywhere and have the opportunity to live out your true purpose.

I spent over 20 years chained to a corporate desk, living in fear and without purpose. It wasn’t until a series of life altering events took place in 2016, that I realized I needed to make a drastic change.

Thus, I dove head first into the entrepreneurial world only to find the real change I needed... was inside of me.  While my soul searching journey has proven to be incredibly challenging; I've grown stronger, more self-aware, and more authentically me everyday. Through this personal growth, I've discovered great clarity around what matters most, and my purpose.

This clarity has brought REG45 to life. Every day, I wake up truly grateful for the opportunity to work along side passionate entrepreneurs and help them share their purpose with the world. While Amazon seems like an unconventional way to live out your purpose, I’ve found it to be incredible… and I think you will too. I cannot wait to hear your story, dreams and start working on ways you can utilize Amazon to make a bigger impact than you ever imagined.

Now, its your turn. I want to hear your story.


We only work with small businesses.

Our goal is to create true partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships. All our packages are designed to help you create long term sustainable growth.

When you win, we win.

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